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here, there [2022]

Released May 27th, 2022 on Northern Spy Records.


"There are countless intimate, fret-noise-filled records from singer-guitarists across the history of modern popular music, but solo piano and voice releases remain a comparative rarity. It’s hard to imagine an artist better equipped to contribute to this canon than France-based singer, keyboardist, and composer Melissa Weikart. A conservatory-trained classical pianist and improviser, Weikart’s accompaniment on her debut album, Here, There, swells to catharses of orchestral proportions; it’s usually easy to forget this is the work of just one player. Here, adding additional instruments also might obscure some of this bold and playful record’s most compelling interplay: the way Weikart’s hands frequently seem to move out of correspondence with each other, reaching for conflicting rhythms and key areas."

Engineered and Mixed by Peter Atkinson 
Mastered by Matthew Azevedo
Cover photo by Maria Fernandes

Design by Jules Evens

coffee [2017]

“Like a car in a lake or a blackberry bush or an old pot of coffee, Melissa Weikart's debut EP enters stage-right with the unapologetic aire of those things that just are. Eschewing the trappings of modern sonic decadence in favor of the simple ageless pallete of piano and voice, Weikart subtly displays her mastery over pen and canvas, drawing a hyperrealist landscape with words and sound and the scattered, piercing perceptions of a restless mind taking the hypocritical world to task, and leaving us wanting more.” — Matt Pike, HEC tapes

Released on HEC Tapes December 17th, 2017.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nick Biceglia. 

Album art by Extra Vitamins.

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