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based: strasbourg, fr

genre: experimental electronic, left-field pop

  • Bandcamp
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  • https://www.instagram.com/mel.why/

 photo by Asami Suzuki


Beatrice Melissa is Beatrice Masters and Melissa Weikart, an experimental electronic pop duo from Strasbourg, France. They met in September 2020 and immediately bonded over their bilingual roots – Beatrice the daughter of British parents living in France, and Melissa having just made the move to France from the US, returning to her birth country. Their approach is shaped by two distinct artistic upbringings: Beatrice as a DJ/sound artist, and Melissa as a songwriter/instrumentalist, but the collaboration is not limited by these backgrounds; they are always testing new configurations and different ways to make sound together. Keep an eye out for new music in 2022 which will be released on Midnight Special Records (Paris). They have performed at INACT festival in Strasbourg and Point Ephémère for Midnight Special Records' tenth anniversary showcase. They will be opening for Crumb (Brooklyn, NY) on their upcoming European tour dates. 

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 photo by Hunay Saday


 photo by Clément Chardon