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 photo by Asami Suzuki


It all came as a surprise. Beatrice and Melissa’s serendipitous encounter is part romantic comedy, part treasure hunt. The two met in Strasbourg, immediately formed a close friendship, and found their lives enmeshed by a twist of fate. Their shared bilingual heritage (one American, born to a French mother, the other raised in France by English parents) creates a strong bond, where cultures blend and words flow from one end of the Atlantic to the other. A collaborative spirit drives Beatrice Melissa’s creative process: they are in constant dialogue, and a unique narrative emerges from this collage of two distinct personalities and the inevitable tensions that ensue. The songs, written in both English and French, are composed, decomposed, tamed, and then released into the wild—the rewarding harvest of the challenge that is dismantling classic pop structures, which in turn serves as an expression of their own creative chaos. Their debut EP Surprise was released on March 31st on Midnight Special Records (Paris) and was featured as coeur de coup on Radio France on April 7th. 


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