Announcing : Effet désirable !

Effet désirable is my new monthly radio show on ODC.livean electronic web radio based in Strasbourg, FR, broadcasted live at 21h (3PM EST) every third Tuesday of the month.

Featuring acid techno, breaks, solo piano jazz, experimental songs, deconstructed club, ambient, hardcore, and much, much more! A strange sonic journey that will make sense, I promise.

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Past dates !

09.19.21 Beatrice Melissa DJ Set @ Park'n'Sound [Strasbourg, FR]

09.11.21 DJ Set @ Contre-Temps Festival [Strasbourg, FR] 

07.24.21 DJ Set @ La Grenze for ODC Live [Strasbourg, FR]

07.22.21 DJ Set @ Phar Citadelle [Strasbourg, FR]
06.25.21 DJ Set @ Phar Citadelle [Strasbourg, FR]

06.12.21 DJ Set @ Margotopia [Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, FR]

06.11.21 DJ Set Sourdine @ Cosmos District [Strasbourg, FR]

06.05.21 DJ Set @ *secret* [Strasbourg, FR]

More recorded sets for your listening pleasure below. And be sure to check out @tumixesbien on instagram, a DJ collective dedicated to denouncing sexism in electronic music, and our recent article on Rue89 !