Announcing : Effet désirable !

Effet désirable is my new monthly radio show on ODC.livean electronic web radio based in Strasbourg, FR, broadcasted live at 21h (3PM EST) every 4 weeks.

Featuring experimental songs, ambient, acid techno, breaks, solo piano jazz, deconstructed club, hardcore, and much, much more! A strange sonic journey that will make sense, I promise.

I always love suggestions! Write to me and send me your music :)

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Check out @tumixesbien on instagram, a DJ collective dedicated to denouncing sexism in electronic music, and our article on Rue89 !

Past dates !

19.01.22 DJ Set @ La Chaufferie [Strasbourg, FR]

09.19.21 Beatrice Melissa DJ Set @ Park'n'Sound [Strasbourg, FR]

09.11.21 DJ Set @ Contre-Temps Festival [Strasbourg, FR] 

07.24.21 DJ Set @ La Grenze for ODC Live [Strasbourg, FR]

07.22.21 DJ Set @ Phar Citadelle [Strasbourg, FR]
06.25.21 DJ Set @ Phar Citadelle [Strasbourg, FR]

06.12.21 DJ Set @ Margotopia [Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, FR]

06.11.21 DJ Set @ Cosmos District [Strasbourg, FR]

06.05.21 DJ Set @ *secret* [Strasbourg, FR]