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Melissa’s songs reveal a playfully intimate dialogue between her voice and her piano, inviting listeners into a rich, raw world of twisted melodies and exposed dissonance. Following her debut EP Coffee, Melissa released her debut full length album Here, There, on Northern Spy Records in (New York) in May 2022. She is the recipient of the 2022 Nancy Jazz Pulsations Emerging Artist prize and the 2023 Concours National de Jazz à la Défense Instrumentalist prize.



demos (2024)

here, there (2022)
northern spy records

"Melissa Weikart meticulously crafts compositions that often feel larger than herself—burgeoning with a chordal undertow that begets surprise when noting her soloist status" - PopMatters

press quotes

"To create so much contrast and conflict with just her voice and a single instrument is a remarkable achievement, to do that and to also have something to say, well that’s the work of a very rare talent, one ready to make a huge splash." - For the Rabbits

"Melissa Weikart straddles beautifully unhinged and creative abundance to make one of the best albums of 2022 to date." - Higher Plain Music

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