testing all my memories [2019]


“Testing All My Memories (Live)” is a live album from my Master’s recital at New England Conservatory in April 2018, self-released on January 18th, 2019.

Mixed by Jeremy Sarna.

Mastered by Peter Atkinson.

Album art by Extra Vitamins.


coffee [2017]

“Like a car in a lake or a blackberry bush or an old pot of coffee, Melissa Weikart's debut EP enters stage-right with the unapologetic aire of those things that just are. Eschewing the trappings of modern sonic decadence in favor of the simple ageless pallete of piano and voice, Weikart subtly displays her mastery over pen and canvas, drawing a hyperrealist landscape with words and sound and the scattered, piercing perceptions of a restless mind taking the hypocritical world to task, and leaving us wanting more.” — Matt Pike, HEC tapes

Released on HEC Tapes December 17th, 2017.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nick Biceglia. 

Album art by Extra Vitamins.

milk fed by body double [2020]


Milk Fed came out in September on Zum Audio and I want to tell you about it, even though I wasn't part of the recording process. I joined Body Double right before the pandemic during my time in San Francisco, and had the best time playing keytar and singing on frontwoman Candace’s glorious creations. We were going to go on tour last summer, alas, but I am hoping one day to reunite for the tour that never was.

Buy the album here !

Featured on NPR's New Music Friday notable releases.

observations for a time zine [2020]

bird sound box by leah netsky [2020]

This is a read along soundtrack for Dingbat Superminx's book of aphorisms "Observations For A Time." It should take the reader about 14 minutes to enjoy 20 pages of original observations on art, diy culture, and digital desolation.

I recorded piano for this in May! I pulled together a rudimentary recording setup for the old spinet I played, but I was pretty happy with the results (after adding some nice reverb). 

In July 2019, I recorded some improvisations for Leah Netsky's Light Boxes graphic scores. 

Featured alongside Mia Friedman, Hankus Netsky, Rachel Panitch, Abigale Reisman, Julian Loida, and Emily Xander. Listen here !

free cell by lina tullgren [2019]

In November 2018, I had the pleasure of recording keys and synths for Lina's most recent solo record, Free Cell, released on Captured Tracks and recorded at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn. Catch me on "Free Cell," "Saiddone," "Soft Glove 1," "Glowing x 10000," "Wow, Lucky" and "Soft Again."

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And, check out "Soft Glove 1," featured on the Fader's 20 best rock songs out now.

intimate machinery by damon smith [2017] 

I had a wonderful time singing back up vocals with Caroline Kuhn on songwriter Damon Smith's debut record Intimate Machinery, released on Erased Tapes in 2017. 

Buy the album here !

vocal quartet [2017]

00:00 / 04:24

This arrangement of "Gluttony" from Kurt Weill's Seven Deadly Sins was performed by a quartet consisting of Melissa Weikart (piano intro & vocals), Caroline Kuhn, Elise Leavy, and Grace Ward (vocals) at New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall in November 2017.