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Wouldn’t It Be Nice: Pet Sounds Reimagined is a recomposition of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds album performed in its entirety by an all-female vocal choir and rock band. Composer and lead vocalist Melissa Weikart reimagines The Beach Boys’ magnum opus as a feature for the versatility of the female voice, pushing the boundaries of traditional vocal harmony. Her arrangements, inspired by Meredith Monk and the Boswell Sisters, construct an intimate dialogue between lush, unsettling dissonances and playful backup refrains that expose the patriarchal narratives at the root of Brian Wilson's iconic lyrics. The innovative choir hovers over a modern post-punk band to create something fresh out of a timeless classic, reclaiming much-needed space in the male-dominated pop music canon. 

god only knows
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here today
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These clips were recorded in April 2018 at The Record Company in Boston with Travis Hagan funded by a grant from New England Conservatory. Featuring Priya Carlberg, Jolee Gordon, Grace Ward, Rush Dorsett, Caroline Kuhn, Elise Leavy, Laila Smith, Monica Pabelonio (vocals), Wendy Eisenberg (guitar), Brittany Karlson (bass), Nicole Pompei (drums).

that's not me
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06.10.2019 @ apohadion theater, portland, maine

06.08.2019 @ women, feminists & music conference, berklee college of music

05.17.2018 @ boston family church

all photos by Omari Spears

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